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is a word to describe a desire
Seeking powerful change
In ones life, behaviour or situation
My desire to live simply is constantly compromised
By needs for money
Other’s happiness
Being in demand will be my demise
Why make the cake
If i can’t eat it?

Unrelated picture I took in Chiang Mai, were my life was more simple

People said “You must be mad, or on drugs,” which I found a bit disappointing. What about imagination? It reflects our time that people sooner assume you’re on drugs or mad, rather than free.

Noel Fielding for The Guardian (via sand-groper)

(via meaui)

I had a pickup line
but I forgot to bring it
Is what I said to the most beautiful boy at the pub last night
I don’t do very much
But I like to surf
He said to me later
His being piqued my interest some months before
So much so that he already exists in eloquent word form
In my book of thoughts alongside how his presence jumped my nerves
Too much
I said if I were to ever see him again
I would go and find out who he was
Because accomplished people don’t wait for things to happen
They go out and happen to things
Which is how I came to have in my possession
The telephone number of a beautiful boy